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Working Cook January 26, 2010

I have solved the mystery of the vegetable shortage.  And it’s amazingly stupid.

Today was a Mendy day, as Tuesday usually are.  My cutting boards arrived yesterday, so I took them in today.  They were rather heavy and I couldn’t zip my backpack, but once it was on my shoulders, it was fine.  And it was nice seeing the bright red plastic board next to the fleishig sink and the bright blue one near the milchig one.

I got organized – water boiling for the eggs, frozen corn cooking for the corn salad.  An edict has gone throughout the land – no one shall use disposable tableware anymore, and none shall be provided.  We are to use the appropriate real dishes and cutlery provided.  (The result? Boxes of disposable tableware that have already been purchased and are not to be unused.)  This is fine by me.  I cooked the corn in a dairy bowl.  The plastic wrap made it look laminated at the end.

So.  Tuna salad.  Corn salad.  Egg salad.  The culinary sin that is my tilapia.  At this point, btw, Mendy’s mommy (as she introduced herself) showed up.  I’d met her before.  She wore a great deal of make-up and long, straight sheitel, plus a very high-fashion (if modest) outfit at that time.  Today?  Skirt and leggings, no make-up and a wool cap over her head.  Yeah, I think that even if I had the magic of facial recognition, I’d have been confused.  Why was she there?  To bring Mendy all new clothing because he out-grew everything.  How wonderful is that?

When she left, I was pretty much done with the Mendy portion of the day, so I let the fish cool and went shopping – peppers and onions.  When I returned, I stopped by Keshet to collect another milchig pot and a bag of muenster shreds.  I put up a pot of water for pasta and began portioning out the fish.  Just then the grocery order arrived.

Let me explain how I do the grocery order.  I have a form I fill out – Shulem is very organized, and pretty much anything I’ve ever ordered is on this form, with a space for quantity and a space for units (lbs, packages, etc), often with the units filled in already.  And that works really well.

Except for vegetables.  I asked for 3 packages of carrots.  I got three carrots.  I asked for 9 lbs of onions (onions coming in units of 3 lbs.)  I got three. Onions.  Three tomatoes.  Two cucumbers.  Two potatoes.  One sweet potatoe.  Get the picture?  Yes. Amazingly stupid.

Anyway, I had the supplies I needed to make dinner for the other guys – ziti.  Tomato sauce with peppers and onions (using a really bad knife to cut them.  I need to get a dairy chef’s knife) mixed with pasta and both muenster and mozzarella cheese.  I made five trays of this, plus a pan of cauliflower.  I also took out ground meats for tomorrow.

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