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Working Cook January 25, 2010

Nasty, nasty day.  I love my commute more than I can possibly say – you can’t beat a fifteen minute walk – but in pouring rain? With no umbrella because it broke before I crossed the first street?  Yeah.  Not good.  And because I woke up late (9:15.  I usually wake up about 8AM.), I barely had time for breakfast.  I always have breakfast.  It’s a rule for, well, anyone, really.  Seriously – if you want to lose weight, eat breakfast.  But it’s especially a rule for me and my Type II Diabetes.  But coffee –  not such a health necessity.  I figured I was passing dozen or so places – many with hecksher – where I could purchase coffee en route.

And, so I did, asking for my preferred adulteration – nothing at all.  I was very clear about it – “One medium, black, no sugar.”  Sugar is always a no-no, but I seriously don’t like my coffee sweetened at all.  I don’t mind milk particularly, but my operation uses rather stricter strandards of kashrut than I do, so all milk has to be officially cholov yisrael. (Actually, most of the milk and milk products I buy for my own home ARE cholov yisrael, but that’s a function of availability and, in some cases, preference in that we prefer a brand of kosher cheese that happens to be cholov yisroel over a brand of equally (to our minds) kosher cheese that isn’t.) 

Anyway, while most of the caffeine replenishment stations in my neighborhood have cholov yisroel milk available upon request, you have to actually *request*, and in this case, I didn’t request milk in the first place, let along Jewish milk.  So, after I got to work, and discovered that I had no carrots, and barely any onions and not much in the way of celery, either, and oh, mushrooms would be nice, too, but it’s raining and I’m soaked, and, oh, there’s coffee.

I got my weekly split pea soup started (filled soup pot with water, split peas and cholent meat), and started defrosting the chicken breast filets.  Then I had my coffee.  Only, as my brilliant (and beautiful) readers have already figured out paragraphs ago, said coffee had been adulterated – nay, polluted! – with both sugar AND milk – cholov hacompanies milk at that.  Down the (dairy) drain it went.  And the caffeine withdrawal was not going to be pretty. Fortunately, I have some Starbucks instant, which is tolerable.  I get a fleishig coffee cup down, because we have signs all over the place saying not to use disposables ever again – something I endorse – and make a cup, except I get impatient.  So I take the chicken I’ve been defrosting out of the microwave and heat the cup up for 30 seconds, and put the chicken back in.  And go buy vegetables.  The rain’s a drizzle at this point, so it’s not unpleasant.

After this – well, it’s veggies all the way down.  I defrost three packages of chicken, and nuke a bag of spinach for Mendy (and Misha) and two bags of peas and carrots for Yossi, but mostly I’m peeling or cleaning and chopping veggies for both the soup and the chicken stew.  Chicken stew – carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, 8 pounds of chicken breast fillet and five pounds of potatoes, plus salt, pepper, parsley and a shot of vinegar.  I made a lot – eight trays left.  One for Kerem, two for Keshet, five for the freezer. 

I also made out the weekly shopping list, plus an extra for Ruach to fill.  They want more apple kugel, they shall get more apple kugel.

Two main dishes and two vegetable ones.  I left an hour late.  But no injuries.

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  1. January 25, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    For commutes like this, you can’t beat good rain gear. A dry torso and head helps a lot. I have a Columbia rain jacket that I just love, and it packs into its own pocket.

    I gave up on umbrellas ages ago. Useful for brief jaunts across a street maybe, but not for a 15 minute walk.

    I envy your commute; I have a 35 minute drive, on a good day.

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