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Working Cook January 22, 2010

Fridays.  Sigh.

After a week when I left either on time or early, Friday would be the one day I had to work late.  This would be why I spend Thursday nights cooking for Shabbos.

We finally got the groceries delivered – at least, the meat products.  And I’d taken chicken cutlets and legs out to thaw the day before.  I got the chicken soup started (meaning I put chicken bones and drumsticks in a stockpot and covered them with water to simmer) and the chicken doused with duck sauce and placed in the oven, and then I went shopping – I didn’t get a single vegetable and I needed vegetables.  I returned with potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers.  No dill available,and I had turnips and parsnip already.  I thought I had dill, though.

I also got gefilte fish out of the Ruach freezer, largely to make those individuals happy, and started a pot of water for that.  I put the parsley to clean (I put herbs in a pot with just a touch of dish soap for a surfactant.  In about ten minutes, the dirt and whatever falls off and sinks.  I take the herbs out and they’re clean.)  Then I started to cut vegetables – some for the gefilte fish and some for the soup.  Most for the soup, of course – for the fish, I sliced carrots, but I just peeled and halved the onion and cleaned and broke the celery.  By this time, the soup had thrown off a lot of scum and the water for the fish was boiling.

I slid the two fish logs into the water.  Then I skimmed the soup.  At this point, I added the parsley (the dill I thought I had was rotten) and some bay leaves and let it simmer.  I finished the vegetables. There was a weird moment as I peeled the turnips – I kept seeing red.  At some point, I injured my thumb, and I have no idea when.  I put on bandages and a glove and peeled off the red parts and it was good to go.  Because of time constraints, I chopped the vegetables for the soup small enough that they’d both flavor the soup quickly and could stay in.

I tasted the soup, and added salt and pepper to give more flavor.  I portioned out soup for Mendy, dumped the liquid portion in the stock pot to a smaller one and added the vegetables, and brought it to a simmer.  I then separated out the drumsticks, which I froze. I’ll make them into chicken salad.

And then I peeled and sliced potatoes to mix with oil, salt and pepper and bake – at this point, the chicken was cooked and the oven was empty.  Otherwise, I’d  have gone to another apartment to cook the potatoes.  And the husband of the young couple who spend Shabbat there came in, and asked me to make another loaf of fish for them. As the first batch were done, I was fine with this.  It was nearing one pm at this point.  And I had yet to make the Israeli salad and wash the pots. 

So.  More tomatoes than cucumbers, so I diced the cukes first. Then the tomatoes and a bunch of scallions.  I took the second bunch of parsley and chopped that fine – no more dried parsley in my Israeli salads.  Then lemon juice, salt and olive oil.

And I had to wash the pots, too. By this time, the potatoes and the second batch of fish were done, and it was nearing one.  I nuked some zucchini for  Yossi.  Shloimy from Ruach came to take their food, and Moishy came to tell me that they loved my apple kugel and wanted me to make it bigger.  Hello, doubled recipe.

I left at 2PM, just in time to get a quart of milk plus a cup of coffee for myself.

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