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Working Cook – January 18 and 19 2010

Monday – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I had to work. I’m not complaining – I don’t like four day weeks.

Both Mendy and Misha were home, with their counselors.  I made chicken meatballs for one house, chicken cutlets for the other, plus Israeli-style couscous for both houses (I put sauce from the meatballs on the couscous for the house that got the cutlets).  I mashed up a meatball or so for Misha.  I also made zucchini and regular couscous for Mendy, plus did my ordering for the week.

To make the chicken meatballs, I mixed ground chicken, garlic powder, basil, oregano and matzo meal with an egg and made large meatballs, which I covered with jarred marinara sauce, to which I added the spices.  I let that simmer until the meatballs were cooked.  And I made Yossi a tray of steamed cauliflower.

I got to meet the individuals in Keshet – Shlumi, Yossi and Yaakov – when I brought their food over.

And with all that? I left a half hour early.  And I finished the lecture series on nutrition.

Tuesday – I had the house to myself.  Today, I cooked for Mendy.  There was hardboiled eggs, pureed corn and tuna salads, and broccoli, and then, since I had the time and there was food for the others, I made ground chicken, too. I put some zucchini aside for Misha, and did some shopping for tomorrow.  I left early again.

To cook the ground chicken, I cooked it in oil with basil, oregano and garlic powder, and then I ground it finer.  This grind everything first and then measure it thing is working nicely.

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