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Working Cook January 14 and 15

Okay, blogging on Fridays isn’t going to happen for a while.

Thursday, I brought in the mp3 player.  I made meatloaf, I made brown rice.  I made chicken soup Mendy-style (no vegetables –  just herbs), I made tuna salad and egg salad.  I made tilapia.  And we cleaned the house up for a state inspection later that day.  We wanted to make the kitchen look “homelike.”  I have no idea how it went.

No new injuries.

(I also went home and cooked for Shabbos – hardboiled eggs chopped with fried onions, ratatouille with chickpeas, turkey, brown basmati rice pilaf.  One guest was a vegetarian, you see.)

Friday – Shabbos for the houses. Chicken cutlets for Kerem and Keshet, drumsticks and chicken legs for Ruach.  I finished the chicken soup with vegetables, and I made fine noodles.  I made other noodles with margarine, salt and pepper.  I steamed a bag of spinach.  I made roasted tomatoes for Mendy.  I made gefilte fish.  And, to make Moishy from Ruach happy, I made apple kugel for the first time ever.  I also made Israeli salad.  I was told they all loved it LAST week.  Last week, I didn’t have dried parsley so I had to use fresh.  So, I’m going to be ordering another bunch of parsley from  now on.  Luckily, I like chopping parsley.

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