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Working Cook 1/11/10

Today, I had to go to a friend’s funeral.  Not a good start to any day.  What made it harder was that I didn’t make it to work until 1PM – my normal quitting time.  it didn’t matter.  I was there, and I’d stay until 4PM.

So.  I got to work.  One pot of split pea soup (low on carrots, so I made it with parsnips and turnips, too.)  One pot of barbecue meat balls (meatballs cooked in barbecue sauce.  It’s really yummy and VERY easy.)  One pot of noodles.  Also, I cooked broccoli and zucchini for Mendy and Misha, and a bag of veggies for the Keshet people across the way. 

Because I was there so late, I got to see the individuals, which is always wonderful.  Nothing like a Mendy hug and a Mischa smile.  And Papa, to his counselor’s surprise, loved the split peas soup (you have to avoid any *stuff* in the soup) and the meatballs.  I also got to meet and talk with the Ruach guys – very high functioning men.  They wanted me to use “their” gefilte fish, and to make more chicken soup and apple kugel.

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