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Knives and Fire Internship Day 12

I began by chopping onions. Three gallons of onions. Chef saw me stretching out my right hand, which had woken me up the night before, and suggested Ben Gay. I bought some today, and it helped. I was much faster, though, because I stopped being super careful and just *chopped.* Also, I used a more comfortable knife with a smaller handle.

Then I washed and chopped a case of scallions. Afterwards, I made the cheese part of the mac and cheese sets – grating and mixing the cheese, adding it to the containers, then finishing them with flour and butter.

And then I made the salmon reubens. This is multigrain bread, mustard on both sides (just a smear, or, as I taught A, a “shmear”), gruyere on both sides, then a layer of smoked salmon and a bit of saurkraut (the saurkraut cooked with caraway and mustard seeds.) These are covered and wrapped in plastic, and dated. They’ll be placed in a panini machine at service.

And that was that.

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