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I *think* I just unvented a sock heel. At least , I haven’t seen it anywhere else and I’m not sure where to look.

I just spent a month knitting Cat Bordhi socks with her innovative heel – a short-row heel that looks like a flap-and-gusset, and I forgot how to do flap-and-gussets.

I was knitting baby socks for a friend. I can’t find the original pattern, which I’d downloaded only a couple of months ago, but it’s very simple and after four pairs (plus a mistake), I had it memorized. It’s a top-down sock with traditional heels, done in a 2×2 rib, so who needs a pattern, right? Anyway, I was modifying it because I needed bigger sockies.

So. Casting on is not a problem. Magic looping the tiny leg not a problem. Even the heel flap was not a problem. And then I came to the heel turn.

And instead of the normal procedure of knitting ever-increasing short-rows, I just decreased – normal decrease of p2tog or ssk one stitch from the edge. Plus, I slipped the first stitch of each row. I did this until I was down to about 1/3, and got a flat triangle.

While the sock didn’t turn by itself, I did get a nice, smooth curve out of the triangle. I also got ears because I didn’t pick up the stitches on either side of the triangle, but went down to the flap immediately.

If/when I do this on purpose, I’m going to experiment with picking up the sides of the triangle, too, to see if that eliminates the ears. If the gusset turns out too big, I’ll reduce the length of the heel flap.

Has anyone heard of a heel like this?

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