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Yeah, I know. I haven’t been saying anything in the past few weeks.

I did finish something, but between illness and other problems, plus an uncharged camera, we haven’t managed to take pictures of it. I’ve worn it and loved it, and there will be pictures, b”n, but not soon.

The real problem is two fold. 1. My baby blanket has been frogged and will now be a sweater. Except for #2.

My right thumb is not happy. It’s stiff and painful, and sometimes, if I manage to bend it, it doesn’t want to unbend. So, I’m taking a break from knitting. My sweater is sitting, two inches in, waiting for the second twist to the cables. My husband’s socks are sitting – one completed and one nearly at the point of turning the heel, waiting for me to pick them up. And they’re sitting. I’m not touching them until after Passover, when I have an appointment with my orthopedist. I miss it a lot – I’ve gotten very used to having something to do while watching television or talking to people. But, you know. Thumbs are important.

However, let me describe the sweater I’m designing. I’m using the yarn I bought for the baby blanket – Knitpicks Swish in green and grey, and I’m using Ann Budd’s book on sweater design. The body is moss stitch with two “relaxed” cables on either side, running over the front and back. The cuffs, hem and collar (which will be peter pan, I think) will be grey, and possibly the sleeves if I run out of green. I might also make the sleeves 3/4. The arms will be stockinette, with a strap shoulder and the cable running all the way up. Or maybe I’ll make the sleeves moss, too. I’m not sure.

I just hope I can knit it.

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