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Additional notes on finished projects plus lace!

1. I knit the Mason-Dixon sweater in combined instead of continental. It’s basically the way I taught myself to knit anyway, and it makes purling much easier for me.

Combined knitting means that when you purl, you pull the wool straight through the loop instead of curling the wool around the needle. This twists the stitches, so you then untwist them by knitting through the back loop on the next row. It works best for flat stockinette or, I suppose, for garter in the round – for any pattern where you alternate knitting and purling between the rows – flat ribs, seed in the round. It also only really makes sense for those of us who knit Continental style.

Anyway, it made knitting the sweater very fast and a lot easier on my wrists.

2. I attempted a subtle pattern on the Frankenmittens, which pretty much failed. Standard increases for a figure-8 cast-on toe or tip (or standard decreases for a cuff-down toe or cuff-up tip) are done one stitch in from either end, creating a pretty ridge effect. At least, I think it’s pretty. I wanted to continue that ridge all the way down the sides of the mittens. Since m1s are effectively twisted stitches, I thought could approximate that by twisting one stitch in from either side.

Maybe it was the thickness of the yarn, or maybe it was the variegation or maybe the idea just didn’t work, but while there is *something* there, one needs to look closely at the mittens to see anything. I didn’t try doing this for the liner mittens because no one would see them.

Also, next pair of mittens I knit will have gussets.

3. Lace is addicting. I had to rip out and start the Diamond fantasy shawl again on Saturday night, and I’m already half way through with the “scarf size” repeats. And I cannot believe my hands have produced something so intricate and pretty. I’m already thinking about what my next lace project will be. The only thing I know right now is that it will be laceweight.

(Oh. And I should have known better than to post WSIP. I also had to completely restart the socks.)

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