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Yesterday morning, I completed my frankenmittens. Last night, I finished the modified feather-and-fan socks for my friend Sharon. Friday, I finished the Mason-Dixon Perfect sweater – pics tomorrow when the socks are dry.

This morning, I went to work wearing the sweater, the mittens and my Harry Potter scarf. If I’d had dry socks (I washed all my handknit socks last night), I’d have worn a pair of those.

When I start a project, it’s all anticipation – will it work out right, what will it look like, did I get the right amount of yarn? That sort of thing. Which is always fun. When I finish a project, though…

I just finished three projects in a row. One was a sweater, which was the thing that would make me, in my mind, a Knitter. So, when I finished it, and it fit and looked good on me, I felt hugely accomplished. Binding off that last end – no, sewing that last stitch – was a true high for me because of that – a sweater is a complex system of parts and seams and shaping and, in this case, setting in sleeves and I made it and made it correctly and, wow. I’ll be making other sweaters, using this and other methods, and I’ll be feeling wonderful, but there’s nothing like the first time.

I’ve made several pairs of socks now, and while the heels are better on this pair and the pattern stitch makes it gorgeous, it was “Yay, I’m done! On to the next pair!” Also, of course, these are to be a gift, and therefore I won’t get to wear them. No matter – I can make a pair for myself if I want.

As for the mittens – my first project was a pair of mittens, and I recently made a pair of tiny ones for my niece. I started them because I had this pretty yarn and I had dpns of the right size and mittens are as easy as socks. But they were itchy and I had to modify them with a sock yarn liner, and the liners…I knit the liners cuff-up, and that meant grafting the tip. Which was on the one hand, great, because I could practice this technique knowing that no one would see when I messed up, but I also *know* I messed up.

However, it also gave me a chance to use the Knitpicks circs to magic loop the inner mitten and they worked fine – they’re what I’m using for Jonathan’s socks.

Just the knitting of the projects is fun – either I’m constantly challenged with the pattern or the shaping or I can get into this peaceful zone of just knitting. I’m expecting that from the current socks since his feet are huge and he doesn’t want the pattern stitch to begin until I get to the leg. (I have to say, I’d rather have the plain stuff in the beginning, so I’m happy doing toe-up.) Not only is the movement itself nice, but there’s the sight and feel of the fabric being produced – the fact that we can take sticks and string and create something beautiful and/or functional that just feels nice as it’s being made.

But then there’s after, and somehow, I don’t think about the after until the project is off the needles and otherwise finished, and it stops being a project – something I’m making – and starts being a garment. And I wear it and I’m wearing something *I* made (or someone I know is wearing it. My husband says he’s grateful for the alpaca/wool hat I made him because it’s been very cold lately and the hat is very warm.) The knitting becomes functional or pretty, and practical as well as fun.

When I nail the spinning, there’ll be an extra layer to the knitting and to that feeling. Not just sticks and string, but *making* the string first.

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