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Finished Objects: Shawl and Socks

Cable-Lace Shawl
Pattern: Light and Lacy Wrap Pattern
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style Fog
Needles: Inox US6 circular

Stole Front

What I learned:This was my first shawl, and my first project using both cables and lace, so I learned a great deal. I learned to cable without a cable needle. I learned to use stitch markers to keep my pattern repeats straight. I learned to relax my hands while knitting. I learned that, for me, metal needles work best for lace projects. And, as it was a long term project, if I learned a new technique that could be applied to this shawl, I did. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t – and if necessary, ripping back to correct that wouldn’t hurt me or the project.

The most important thing I learned,though, was how to read my knitting so I didn’t have to keep referrring to my pattern or to the chart I made of the lace.

And I like that I can see the progress I’ve made in learning to knit by just looking at the shawl – the beginning is fine, but the end is better.

Toe-up Garter-Rib Socks
Pattern: My own – Figure 8 cast-on and toe for Magic Loop, Charlene Schurch’s garter-rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, short-row heel and a twisted-rib cuff.
Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino Multi, #532
Needles:Addi Turbo US0 40″ circular.

Sock Front
What I learned: These were the socks where I finally conquered the short-row heel. Something just clicked when I did the heel for the second sock – the first one was beautiful, and when I had to rip it out anyway because I’d balanced the stitches wrong, the second heel was beautiful, too.

Sock Side

I could probably make the foot longer, but this does feel comfortable – they’re the most comfortable socks I’ve made to date.

Notes: The Koigu was a pleasure to work with, and while the colorway was not quite what I’d expected, it was gorgeous – see how it pops against my black tights? I’m also completely sold on the Magic Loop method for socks.

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  1. Laura
    December 30, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    Nice!! I spent my vacation at my in-laws recovering the knitting that my dog ate. It’s all fine now, and I didn’t even have to use the Emergency Spare Skein of yarn.

  2. January 16, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Good job on the shawl!

    I love the colourway of that sock yarn too! Koigu is on my wishlist for the future, but I’ve vowed to use up some of my stash before I treat myself…. 🙂

  3. July 6, 2007 at 4:24 am

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