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Security knitting

I wonder if anyone else does this.

I’m familiar with having a security item with me – I always have something to read, for example. This has gotten a lot easier since I got my pda, since I can and do download books and fanfic there. And my purse is big enough to hold a trade paperback if necessary. If I don’t have something to read, I feel and nervous – even if I never look at the reading material. Jonathan calls this a “security book” and he needs one, too.

But now I have security knitting. When I leave the house, I have my knitting bag and the current sock project. I may not knit a stitch, or I may make significant progress. I never know.

Saturday night was the synagogue Chanukah party, which is centered around kids. This year it was arts and crafts and a magician, plus a skit one of the kids wrote. And therefore there wasn’t much for non-parents. We’re not the only childless couple in the synagogue, of course, but it’s hardly the norm. However, Jonathan is on the board and we’re being…well,that’s another post. So we had to be there.

And we were about a block away when I realized I left my knitting at home. I decided not to go back to get it, since it’s a fifteen minute round trip, which isn’t much with a car, but it’s significant on foot. And within ten minutes, I was all for changing my mind. However, Jonathan was afraid I’d go home and stay there (which I wouldn’t – I’d paid $10 to be there, and the pizza was going to be dinner.) So I stayed. And it wasn’t bad at all. I drew a picture and watched the skit and chatted with people, and the magician was funny enough. I’d have been happier with the sock, but it wasn’t bad not to have it.

Yesterday was the family Chanukah party. And this time I remembered the knitting.

And I never touched it. It was there, under the table with my purse, if I needed it, but every time I thought I’d get it, something else happened. In fact, I nearly forgot it when we left – I had to run back from the car to the house. However, knowing it was there was very calming and I’m glad I brought it.

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