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Mastery and yarn snobbery

I have mastered the short -row heel (I suppose the toe, as well, but I’m having good results with the Figure-8 cast-on for Magic Loop and don’t see a need to change.)

I found that out Sunday morning – Saturday night, after I made a truly beautiful heel, I had to rip it out, and when I redid it Sunday morning – it was truly beautiful *again*. I’ve never done two good heels in a row. Which means I can do it.

What mistake did I make that I had to rip out a beautiful heel? I accidentally knit the foot too long (as compared to the first sock of the pair) and had to frog back. And put two insole stitches on the needle I was using for the heel. Which put the entire sock out of balance. I thought I could compensate by careful counting but I couldn’t. So I ripped.

I think I know what changed – I was very careful in my yarn placement when I wrapped and turned and I’ve learned how to read my work. I also made it a practice to pick up the wraps before I knitted/purled them, and then took care to make the stitches go in the right direction.

This means I’m now able to knit socks for gifts. Until I mastered the heel, I couldn’t do that.

As for the yarn snobbery – I’m one, as it turns out. Good yarn feels good as you knit and makes beautiful, wearable projects. While I’m getting faster, I’m still spending a lot of time on my projects, and I don’t want to spend that time with yarn that doesn’t feel nice, or that makes something unattractive? Or uncomfortable – it was perfectly fine working with the Encore for my Harry Potter scarf, but it’s a tad harsh on my neck.

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