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Blocking and socks

My cable-lace shawl is finally blocking. I didn’t do the best job – it was exhausting sticking in all those pins. I thought about doing the thing where you thread cord though the straight edges, and it’s a rectangle, so it’s all straight edges, but I should have done that before soaking the thing in Soak and lukewarm water. Threading the crochet cotton was damp and uncomfortable, and even one narrow edge was hard.

Fortunately, I have lots of pins. Still not enough to stop pucking at the edges, but it is stretched out.
And it’s a long, long, long trapezoid. This is because I relaxed my knitting part way through. And it shows in so many ways – the latter knitting is better, for example. But none of this will show on me, not when I add fringe, so it’s all good.

And the other day, my husband asked me “When are you going to knit *me* a pair of socks?” He hadn’t wanted socks before, but as soon as I finish the current pair, I’m knitting a pair of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd socks (in Watercolor) for a friend of ours. We’ve already found him a nice dark tweedy grey yarn, and I’ll have him look over ribbing patterns.

It’s also that he’s been enjoying the hat I made him, and the little hat I made our niece. This is all to the good.

I’ll post pictures, b”n, when I get the fringe on the shawl.

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