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Almost finished

I bound off my cable-lace wrap last night. Tonight, I block it.

From a distance and to a non-knitter, it will look fine, I’m sure. Unblocked, it’s a bit short, especially since it’s maybe 58″ and the pattern called for 72″, but I’m down to less than one skein, and that’s because I bought an extra, and there’s fringe involved. It should block a few inches longer, especially since it’s merino. It’s more like a stole now, which is actually fine (my husband says it looks like a tallis, a Jewish prayer shawl, without the specially tied ritual fringes, and that if I were a man, I’d have to tie those fringes. But I’m not a man and there’s pretty much no way he’s going to wear it, so. :))

It’s short because I used the needle size called for in the pattern, and even then (back in July) I should have known better. I knit loosely, and need to go down at least two needle sizes. So, I used up too much wool that way. However, I did knit too tightly in the beginning and it looks it. It’s also riddled with errors as I learned how to knit lace and keep count. Some are invisible, some are quite visible as holes – but I’m not going to worry about it.

I’m going to block it out and fringe it and wear it proudly as my first even mildly complex pattern, one which taught me a huge amount.

Meanwhile, I’m already swatching for my next project. Since that will be a sweater and I know I have gauge problems, I’ve gone down the two needles sizes, and I’m going to make the full four inch plus square – this way I can check my row gauge as well. I’m also knitting the gauge in combined – twisting the purls, untwisting with the knits because the sweater is knit flat in stockinette and that’s the easiest way for me to do it.

Pictures on Thursday, Gd willing.

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