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Hugs and Kisses Hat

Yarn: Dale of Norway Falk Purple (DK weight)
Needles: Addi Turbo Size 3 circular, 40″ cable
Gauge: 25st/4″
Pattern: my own, cable pattern from Vogue Stitchionary Vol 2


I made this for my adorable four year old niece for her first Chanukah as part of our family. Purple is her favorite color.

The wool was wonderful to use – it’s a pleasure to knit with and it gets very soft when it’s washed, as I found out with my gauge swatch. I also swatched the cable to make sure it would stand out with that dark color. It does.

Vogue calls this an allover pattern, but I decided that six lines of cable, each seperated by ten stockinette stitches, would work well, and as you can see, it does. It makes the cables pop out. The brim is a 2×2 rib, and I should probably have made it several stitches smaller since I didn’t change the needle.

I used the magic loop method, which worked beautifully. It was easy to get the stitches alligned before joining them, since they were arranged in two straight lines, and I did not need to change needles when I got to the top.

Speaking of the top: Zoehattop

(It’s stuffed with a headscarf here)

I searched for ways to decrease cables, but the nature of this pattern,with the alternating twin cables, made that difficult, so I decided to do the top in plain stockinette. I decreased in a spiral, and I think the end result works well.

As for the mitten:


Sorry for the blurriness but you can see that I made one mitten start with a “hug” and the other a “kiss”. I knitted these top down in magic loop (yes, even the thumb, which is a standard gusset thumb.) To compensate for the cable, I increased four extra stitches on the back. I decreased four stiches in back and two on the palm for the cuff, which is a 1×1 rib. I wanted to do a 2×2 but math is a cruel mistress, and 34 stitches isn’t divisible by 4.

Speaking of math (bonus WIP):

This was supposed to have a gusset-heel flap heel, but after much calculation and several tries, it defeated me. I will conquer it, but not right now. Instead, I used a normal short-row heel and it looks just fine to me.

The yarn, btw, is Koigu, and it’s my first time using it. It’s really lovely – feels good in my hands and as you can see, the varigation doesn’t change even for the heel or toe – no pool, no flashing. This colorway reminds me of a late spring forest. Or pond scum, and the garter rib shows it off nicely.

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