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Organization II

So, my books are on a shelf and my yarn, tools and needles now have places. All well and good, but there were other things I needed to store.

1. The roving and drop spindle my husband purchased for me, which were still living in a plastic Barnes and Noble bag, identical to the bag I was using as a tribble* and therefore in danger of being tossed out.

2. The cable-lace shawl in progress, which basically sort of hangs out with no place to call home.

3. The print-outs of techniques/free patterns I might need to find again, plus maybe a place to put a pad of 10×10 graph paper so I can find it when I need it.

My solutions? I went to Barnes and Noble for a latte (hey, it’s a way of drinking more milk!) after work, and bought two medium sized canvas tote bags. I’ve been using a small B&N tote bag for my commuter projects, and I know they’re sturdy and well designed. The Virginia Woolf one holds the shawl, and will be the place for the current large project, whatever it is, and I thought the Jack London one would be all too appropriate to hold the roving.

As for the print-outs – I went to my favorite local office supply store, and bought a canvas 1.5″ binder with a pad clip, a package of page protectors and a new graph paper pad because I really couldn’t find the old one. This will live with the other books.

I spent part of last night using the pad to do calculations for the sock I’m knitting, which is toe-up, magic loop and I decided to use Knitty’s Widdershins sock pattern for the method, and that meant a lot of math – the pattern calls for 54 stitches, but my socks are 64. I went to sleep with numbers dancing in my head, and woke up a couple of times to rework ratios.

*tribbles: 1. From Star Trek – animals shaped like little plush covered balls that do nothing but eat and reproduce. 2. The blue plastic sheathes that hold delivery copies of the New York Times. When received daily, these sheathes seem to multiply all by themselves. They are excellent repositories for used tissues. 3. Any bag used as a repository for used tissues.

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