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I’m a very disorganized person who tends to leave things where they are. I’ve purchased new books because I couldn’t find the old ones and then found the old ones. Not a good thing, you will grant. And even less good when you’re also now dealing with yarn and needles and tools.

Okay, tools I have sussed. I have a cosmetics bag to hold my knitting accessories, and, 90% of the time, I put the tool back in the bag after I use it. (Little notebook, pen, pencil, tape measure, needle gauge, scissors, tapestry needles, crochet hooks, stitch markers and counters and holders. Everything I could potentially need, given that I don’t use a cable needle to cable.) The bag lives in the tote bag I use for my portable projects.

Everything else was scattered around the bedroom and the office, and there were times I wanted to consult a knitting book and couldn’t. So. First I got the books organized. We actually had some empty shelf space (mostly because we haven’t filled it yet), so I gathered all my knitting books and put them all there, except for the one quick reference guide. Then I put my dpns together (hair elastics are great for holding them in sets) and took them and my circulars and my two pairs of straights and put them in a gallon ziploc. I gathered my half-skeins and leftover skeins and put them in a two gallon ziploc, and put both of these in an oversized zip tote. I put the yarn to be used in my current projects in one of those plastic shelf units that happens to live in my clothes closet. I put my nostepinne in my underwear drawer, because I’m finding it useful at the end of skeins. I need to figure out what to do with my roving and spindle, but I’m leaving them accessible so I’ll play with them.

And it’s all much easier, so long as I remember to put things *back*.

I also just bought the wool for the next project. Interesting thing – the pattern called for Cascade 220. I thought about substituting a Knitpicks yarn, but when I priced it out – the Cascade cost less.

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