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Today, as it happens, is my birthday, and <Jonathan gave me presents.  Five of ’em.

1. The Omnious Omnibus, which is the first three books of the Lemony Snicket Series (I got that one last week, because I happened to be there when he opened the package.  Unfortunate.)

2. <i>Eragon</i> by Christopher Paolini.  I’ve never heard of this YA fantasy, but he saw I was reading Scott Westerfield (btw – the “Uglies” series?  Must read.)

3. Mark Goodman’s <i>World of Jewish Cooking</i>, which has recipes I actualy might try, so very, very cool, and which I got at midnight last night.

4. The one item I’d requested, a nostepinne.  This is a turned wooden rod used for winding balls of yarn. I’ve *been* using my thumb and pens and rolled up newspaper wound with clear packing tape, all of which worked, but this feels NICE in my hand.  I have a thing for fine woods.

5. And the surprise, which came in the same box as the nostepinne.  A top-weighted drop spindle and roving (unspun wool.)    


And I got a birthday present from my mother – she’s engaged!  I’m still dancing about that one.

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