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Gift knitting

I don’t celebrate Christmas, of course, and my family doesn’t believe Chanukah is a gift-giving holiday, but my husband’s family does. In their case, it’s limited to immediate family and the kids at the annual family Chanukah party. Kids=under college age. This year, there are six.

I’m very bad at gifts. My husband’s birthday gifts last week? A couple of books I had on preorder that happened to arrive just before his birthday, and that I knew he’d like to read. (I was a tad better last year, for his 40th, when I gave him a Palm Tungsten E2, but A. it was his 40th and B., he was cheated out of any other celebration, since his birthday by the civil calendar fell on the day before Yom Kippur and his birthday on the Hebrew calendar is the second day of Sukkot.

So, anyway. Six kids to get gifts for. We’re giving one boy the Dark is Rising series of novels since he said he liked that sort of fantasy, and another is getting a Justice League Unlimited trade paperback because he likes superheroes and he likes comics and he needs encouragement to read. We’re still discussing what to get the other two boys, but one is still a baby. I think for him, the traditional stuffed animal bigger than he is will work.

We’ll get age-appropriate books for the two-year old girl.

And then there is Zoe. Zoe joined the family when her mother married my brother-in-law this past Labor Day weekend. No fear that she won’t be showered with gifts – my husband’s family is very, very welcoming. And, at four, she’ll appreciate all of them.

And we plan on getting her a “real” gift – I want to encourage her artistic inclinations, and there’s any number of age-appropriate art toys we can get her. And her “Mitch” is an artist as well as a scientist, so she’ll have plenty of opportunity to use them. Besides, as her aunt and uncle, we have a duty to spoil her, right?

So, I’m also going to knit her something. I’ve ordered Dale of Norway Falk yarn in purple (her favorite color) and a book on cables and I’m going to make her a cabled hat, and if there’s time, mittens to match. If I have enough yarn and time leftover, I’ll make socks for the two-year-old, too. If not, not. This will not be the main gift, of course, but I hope she’ll like them.

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  1. October 31, 2006 at 11:02 am

    You cant go wrong with books for kids.

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