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The Hat Again

It was taunting me – the lovely alpaca/wool blend, the rich colors, the bamboo circulars that were sitting there abandoned, the unfrogged “swatch” of too small hat.  All of it.

So.  I took the advice of SaraKate of Let Me ExplaiKnit, who whowed me how to measure gauge on ribbing.  I marked (with a five inch US0 dpn, which I’m finding to be very useful for all sorts of non-sock reasons*) the beginning of where I wanted to measure and then stretched the swatch until it looked more or less how I thought it should on a head.  I put another dpn where the stretched fabric equalled 4″ and let it relax.

I then counted stitches and divided,and came up with 4.25st/inch.  I multiplied that by 25 and got 106.25, which is awkward in so many ways.  Even after droping the 1/4 stitch, well 106 is the product of two squares (53×2) which would make it hard to decrease evenly.  Also, my husband of the giant head assures me that one size fits all knit caps fit him, *plus* all the patterns I could find called for 100 stitches.  And I’m knitting loosely on purpose.

So, 100 stitches it is.  And if it’s too small this time – it’ll fit my brother.  Or my father-in-law. Or my niece.  🙂

*I’ve used them as emergency stitch holders, as fast cable needles (I cable without a cable needle, but it helps to see where you’re going first) and, at least with worsted or dk weight yarn,they’re great for picking that stitch that fell of the needle and is nearly pulled out, and you can’t get to it with the working needles, but the tiny dpn?  Perfect.  So one lives in my knitting tool bag now.

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