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Charting is fun

I have a couple of skeins of Koigu waiting to become socks – and they have to wait another sock and a half to be finished, but now that I have the hang of lace, of Hedera and of Magic Loop, it probably won’t take that long – or it wouldn’t but I have all these holidays this month.

(Digression – this is the Jewish month of Tishrei, which is basically one holiday after another. This year, all but Yom Kippur are Saturday-Sunday, and Y”K is Monday. Jewish days are nightfall to nightfall, and all preparations for Yom Kippur must be completed before dark, including the prefast meal. So, in effect, I have no weekends this month, and I’m not permitted to knit on holidays anymore than I can knit on the Sabbath. Although I’d be knitting the wrap anyway, since that’s the at-home project.)

Anyway, I got bit with the idea for a pattern for the leg of the Koigu socks. It’s handpainted, so I don’t want to do anything lacy or where the pattern would be obscured. Instead, I’m going to do what I hope will be a subtle cable pattern. I’ll increase the leg from 64 to 70 stitches (since I’m doing Magic Loop, I don’t need it divisible by four) to both accomodate the pattern and to make up for the pulling of the cables. Anyway – Row one will be c2f k6 all the way round, then plain knit for three rows, then row five will start with k5 and then continue with the pattern all the way round. Knit three rows and repeat R1. I charted it out, and the math works. I’m hoping to get a spiral out of it, but even if I just get neat offset rows of tiny twists, it’ll be pretty and subtle but not too subtle.

I’m also thinking about finishing with a picot bindoff.

On another note – I got Knit Fix and I’ve already used it to help out, but the most important thing I got from it was the line “Don’t fight your knitting. If you’re having trouble with increases, knit looser.” I’ve been trying to knit tighter, but now I’m conscioiusly relaxing my hands, and it’s going far, far better and more comfortably.

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