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Knitting in public

I don’t mean Knitting in Public – doing it as a deliberate act for whatever reasons.  I mean – you’re in public and you have your knitting with you, and you don’t feel like reading or something, so you knit.  Or, as I did the other night, you’re at a lecture or a party and you just want something to do with your hands. 

My friend who exclaimed at me on Saturday night was not just amazed that I knit.  She was also jealous, because she had considered bringing her knitting and decided it would be too distracting.  This was something I’d considered, so I sat in such a way that I was mostly hidden from the speakers.  Even so, when Rabbi Sokol talked about “knitting yourself with the world”, Leah looked at me and laughed (I was distracted by the amazing talks, so I ended up doing some tinking. Tinking lace is not easy.)

I also took my sock to a family party last week – partially so I could do it on the subway, and partially because it would be something to do at the party.  I don’t do well at “normal” parties – at fannish events, I would have no compunction about pulling out needlework – they’re often impromptu needlework circles anyway.  Or I could take out a book and the conversation itself will likely be interesting (not always, but it’s likely.)  At normal parties, I can greet people and hug if it’s called for, and then I’ll probably either stand with my husband or someone else I know, or just sort of stand around bored.  At family events…it’s not that different but I can play with the kids sometimes.  Because taking out books is not good.  But knitting – knitting is a conversation starter -“How long?  What is it?  Isn’t it too narrow?” – since the current sock is lace, it looks very narrow, but the lace pulls it in and it’s very stretchy.  I’ve tried it on.  It fits fine, and my feet are wide.

I’m only taking my sock places, of course.  The wrap is up to its fourth ball of yarn, and it’s getting too large and heavy.  I meant it to be the home project, except when I need to do something to the sock – turn a heel or bind off.  It’s also long term, whereas socks are about a month of travel knitting.  And I already have the yarn for the next pair, too.  It’s a variegated  yarn, so I’m thinking of something very simple – or maybe just plain stockinette.  Or a 4×4 rib.  I’ll figure it out.

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  1. September 18, 2006 at 4:59 pm

    I take my knitting bag EVERYWHERE – people wouldnt think it was me without it. At meetings (volunteer) people ask how I can pay attention to the meeting and I reply “it’s easy because I’ve brought an “idiot” project”….you know the ones that dont require counting or paying attention……

  2. September 19, 2006 at 11:50 am

    I always find that I regret not bringing my latest project so I try to bring it with me always. Of course, not to weddings, funerals, and other such gatherings. But I do bring it to concerts (for intermission), movies, road trips, and all nature of parties. It’s odd because if I don’t bring it along I feel like I’m wasting my time even though being with friends is never truely a waste of time.

  3. September 19, 2006 at 12:17 pm

    To Michelle and Kisknit:

    It just feels better to do something with your hands, doesn’t it?

    It’s one of the reasons I started knitting. I go to science fiction conventions, and I’m always seeing other fans (usually, but not always, women) doing some form of needlework – knitting, crocheting, handspinning, block quilting, crossstitch and needlepoint. And they’re not just plain scarves, either – they do lace shawls, intricate patterns, and embroidery for costumes.

    And I was jealous. I still will be, a little, on Shabbat when I’m not permitted to do needlework, but the rest of the time – my hands will be busy and I will be making something.

  4. September 21, 2006 at 10:04 am

    I do cons as well (although not so many any more) and once I started knitting I enjoyed working art show even more! Of course, then people would want to buy a print or ask a question and I was in the middle of an important row. Then I stabbed them with a needle and put the body under one of the box tables. Okay, I THOUGHT about doing that, but didn’t. I swear.

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