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Magic Loop

The crayon socks are drying. With luck, I can pack them for my trip this weekend.

And I am in love with the Magic Loop method. Oh, my goodness – it’s so easy and makes so much sense. I’m making the Figure-8 toe right now, and it’s so much easier than short rows. I couldn’t do it at all on dpns, but it’s obvious with ml. I’m using stitch markers to keep count – it’s just easier to count to 6 (I’m going up to 60 stitches for these socks, since they’re of a stretchy lace) than to 30, four stitches every other round. I’m putting the increases one stitch from the end of each needle, right leaning on the right and left on the other, so it should look very pretty.

But that’s not the best part. The best part was knitting on the bus. I wasn’t worried about dropping a dpn, and stashing the sock back into the bag was a matter of making sure all the stitches were on the cable, which took less than a second. No making the needles all even, no jamming a fifth needle into the yarn. I didn’t even need to finish the needle. I just needed to ensure that my ring marker had a stitch on both sides.

So, what do I do with my 1 and 4/5 sets of Clovers and my Brittanys now? (Actually, I can see using them anyway, and there are things I want to play with. But the best part of knitting, besides the simple act and then wearing the creations, is learning new things.)

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