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Missing the husband and switching

My husband is away this week, visiting his parents.  He says, by the way, that it is nicer without me (to sulk and argue and be unhappy) but something is missing.

And I miss him.  So very much. 

He’s coming home tonight.  Yay.  With the camera, so no pictures of current works in progress.

On the other hand, I have done a tremendous amount of knitting.

It’s so odd switching between my two projects.

One is a sock – the sister to the other clown sock.  The yarn for this skein was wound in the opposite direction.  I momentarily thought about rewinding it twice to get a center pull ball in the correct direction,  then decided that it would be cute to have a pair of socks with the stripes in opposite order.    Anyway – sock yarn, size 0/2mm bamboo needles.  Simple pattern – stockinette on the sole, k3p1 rib on the instep.  64 stitches in total to knit around.

The other is a cable/lace wrap.  DK yarn (Knitpicks Classic Merino in Fog),  size 6/4mm Inox Express 16″ circular.

Note – the pattern I’m actually using is from an out-of-print Patons “Wrap it Up” pattern book.  This looks identical, down to the model, but mine calls for 4mm needles and ten skeins of DK.  And I got gauge with those needles.  So.  Shrug. 

I’m making a lot of mistakes, especially with the yarn overs, but I’m having fun and keeping the stitch count more or less.  And the cables are fun.

So I’m going from a relatively complex pattern (for me) with thicker  yarn and bigger, slicker needles to a simple one with thin yarn and pickup sticks.   And, of course, I’m going from pale grey to crayon-bright.   It’s an experience.

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  1. August 17, 2006 at 2:32 pm

    That lace wrap pattern is very pretty; nice you are knitting it up.

    Glad for you your husband is coming home soon.


  2. August 17, 2006 at 3:06 pm

    He’s only been gone since Monday night, but we’re so rarely parted that it feels like forever.

    I wanted a shawl for the High Holidays, which are in mid-September this year. The women’s side of the synagogue tends to be over-airconditioned. This is just simple enough to go over a tailored dress suit.

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