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Sunday morning and lace

You’d think one of the hardest things about Shabbat is not being able to touch the knitting – especially if you were in the middle of a lace repeat that seemed to be missing stitches and you just couldn’t face frogging again.  But the sun was setting and that was that.

And there was also the second clown sock still on the crocheted cast-on chain, sitting right by the bed.

But, no.  I couldn’t even move them, so they basically didn’t exist. Doesn’t mean I didn’t pounce on the shawl as soon as I could.  And I looked at the repeat and realized I could make stitches and pick up yarnovers and it would work just fine.  So taking 25 hours off made it all work out better.

What also helps is the new needles – I got size 6 (4mm) Inox Express circulars (and, yes, Deb, I also got an Addi Turbo size 0 (2mm) 40 inch circular. You will have teaching to do.)  When I used the Clover bamboo needles, I felt like I was fighting them.  I love the bamboos for sock knitting, and for general knitting in the round, they’re fine, but it didn’t work for lace.

The Inox Express, though – I’d never use them as dpns, and I’d not be happy with them as straights, but as circulars (even working flat), they’re great.  They’re slick and pointy enough to do the lace maneuvers, the cable has very little memory,  and as for the cables…well.  I don’t use a cable needle.  And I was wondering just how much time I was saving while using the bamboos.  Well, with the Inoxes, it was intuitive.  The stitches slid off the needle and back on with almost no effort. 

And they were relatively inexpensive, too. 

I’ve also finished the toe for the second clown sock and it’s safely on four needles, so I can make it my travel project.

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  1. otherdeb
    August 13, 2006 at 8:57 pm

    I can do teaching…

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