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I am dangerous. Also, more stitch marker love

Broken Brittanys

There were 5 US 0 Brittany Birch 5″ dpns. And they were fine – a tad grabby, but they were easier to manage. Only problem is, I have strong hands and I grip hard. So, I broke one. In my hand.

I rescued the stitches and knitted it all back onto the 7″ bamboo dpns, which are bent because, well, strong hands, hard grip, but not broken after two socks. And a friend told me that Brittany will replace the broken needle for free, so I’m taking advantage of that.

This is the state of the current sock (I can stop any time I want to. Really.)

Regia Sox 1

I like that colorway in terms of knitting – the bright, crayonlike colors are fun. There’s also a bright green stripe in there that should show up soon. But in terms of wearing – I wear skirts. Always. The only exception is when I go to my martial arts class, and then I only wear the uniform pants in class (or under a skirt.) I can’t flash bright socks under a pants leg – if I wear them, they will be seen. This might work at an SF convention – in fact, it will work at an SF convention – but in the real world? Not so much. If they come out well, I’ll donate them to Interfilk.

You’ll also notice my continuing affair with stitch markers. In this case, it’s color coding as well as counting – the top of the foot is in a k3p1 rib, the sole is in plain stockinette. The pink rings are the top; the blue are the bottom. The locking stitchmarkers are reminders, too. This is necessary because I decided the socks would look better if I purled the last stitch on the sole, just for symmetry. I tried to show stitch detail, but it didn’t work well. Anyway, when the locking stitch marker comes up, I know it’s time to purl the last stitch before changing needles.

But those are such pretty colors.

I’m also knitting a hat for my husband. It’s slow going because I keep getting it wrong – math and the needles and just the knitting. I must have begun this four or five times. It’s to be a watch cap in a k1p1 rib, in two colors – burgundy and denim.


This is Berocco wool/alpaca blend, and it feels just lovely to knit. And, yes, not only are there markers every ten stitches, but for reasons entirely obsessive, I had to alternate colors. It was imperative. This 92 stitches because my husband has a yooge head 25″. And I’m still not sure it’ll fit.

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