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Almost there

It’s been a week, but what a week it was.  I’m finally doing the leg of the second sock.  Soon, I will be finished with my first pair!  Wow.

And, yes, I knitted even in the blinding heatwave we’ve experienced this week.  It’s just great for the bus.

I have discovered though, that sometimes it’s best to actually watch tv instead of knit – saving the knitting for the commercials or just not bothering – at least until I can do it without looking.  I figure that’s a couple of years down the line.

Also – after this is done and before I start the next pair of socks (with my new 5″ Brittanys), I’m going to knit the tiny Knitty Practice Sock.  I think I probably prefer the short row heels because they look more…heel like, but I’m going to try this traditional top down sock.

I’m also going to keep trying those short rows.  I have most of it licked, but those purl wraps…maybe I’ll do yarn overs next time.  I’ll practice that first in worsted, though.  Next pair will be, I think, a k3p1 rib because it’s also a striped yarn, and I’ve realized a simple pattern works better. 

And I’ll get a varigated or heathered (I think heathered) sock yarn next and do lace.

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