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How many times?

I really don’t mind ripping, but last night might have set a personal record.

I’d gotten about two inches knitted on my husband’s watch cap and something looked small to me.  So the night before, I put the hat onto some yarn and he tried it on.

It was too small.  He could get it on, but it was too small.  He didn’t complain – he didn’t want me to undo everything, but I knew I had to.

I knew even more when I put it back on the needles, and there were five accidental yarn overs.  And this is a real problem because I’m working on the cuff – it’ll be turned up and those mistakes will be visible.

So.  I ripped.  And I cast on again, with 92 instead of 80 stitches, and for some reason I couldn’t keep the stitches straight on the needle, and I tried a very silly thing of knitting in all three ends and it was a mess, so I did it all over again.  And then it turned out I’d purled when I should have knit, and the entire 1×1 ribbing was off, so it was ripped again.

This time, I opted for my old reliable long-tail cast-on, using one of the lengths for the two-strand to measure against, although I did have a couple extra inches left over, which is Just Fine.  And, this time I hauled out my stitch markers.

Have I mentioned  how much I love stitch markers?

9 batches of ten plus two more, each separated by a ring, and the last two from the first ten by a white split ring.  If I make a mistake, it’ll probably be only in a single batch of ten, so much less tinking.  And if the batch doesn’t end on a purl, I know something is wrong.

Okay, I made a couple of mistakes – one batch had eleven stitches in it (it ended on a knit, and I counted and that was the problem.  So I decreased.  And that thappened a second time and I decreased again.  But again, I’m much more relaxed about it.

And wool/alpaca?  Feels so wonderful to knit with that I don’t mind knitting again and again.

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