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As in the nice toe I made for the second sock?  Well, that tension thing turned out to be a problem – when I knit at a more normal one, it contracted greatly – and way back in the short rows, I found I had a whole row of purl where there should have been knit. 

I saw this on Friday afternoon, just as I was getting ready to it away for the Sabbath.  Which gave me 24 hours to think about it – I mean, it was in the toe, and I never wear open-toed shoes, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t wear them with socks, no matter how pretty.  So, no one would ever see, and these ARE the learning socks, so, you know – I wasn’t planning on perfection.  So when I put it away in my spiffy new knitting tote (cheap, black vinyl tote back with good pockets, sturdy lining, a zipper *and* an umbrella, all for about $14), I figured I’d let it be.

Except.   While perfection, as in life, is not a requirement, it is a goal.  So, I ripped it as soon as I could, and crocheted the chain (twice – the first time was twisted and I couldn’t line up the purls) and started all over again.  And I’m a couple of inches up the foot now, and it looks much better.  I’m still using the little markers to keep track of stitches, and they do make a difference. 

I also started a second project  – a simple watch hat for Jonathan.  He requested blue and dark red (narrowed down to very deep burgundy and denim blue) and when I visited a yarn store in Park Slope (on Lincoln Place between 7th and 8th Aves), I found the perfect yarn – it’s 50% wool/50% alpaca worsted, and it’s beautiful.  It’s soft and lovely to knit with, and the colors are exactly as he wanted.  I also got size 6 circulars (and despite her advice, I’m going to get a set of size 6 dpns, as my size 7s are too large and I just won’t knit that tightly.)  When I knit for gauge – in the round, as instructed by Yarn Harlot in Knitting Rules – I got 3.6 stitches/inch.  I said I knit loose.  So, my husband’s head is 25″  (yeah. Huge.  You should see the size of his dress hats.), and multiplication gave me 90 stitches, but I reduced that by 10%, which gave me 81, and I took away one more to make it divisible by four, which I’d need when it came time to divide the hat onto the dpns. 

I used the two-strand cas-on, using both ends of the yarn, and I’m knitting in a 1×1 rib.  I knit the swatch in the same rib.   I figure I’ll do about 1/3 in the burgundy and then start the denim, and reduce when I get to the dome – he specifically requested it be properly reduced, not just a gathered tube. 

I’m going to have lots of leftover from this.  Maybe I’ll knit him a scarf to match.

And I have a story due, so I’m not doing either until I finish.

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