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Almost done

I’m knitting the ribbing to sock #1. When it’s long enough (in other words, when I get bored), I’ll bind it off and start the the second sock, this time using my wonderful, useful open stitch markers. One of which will be used afterwards when I start knitting in the round, so I know the starting side.

Some observations.

  1. 7″ US 0 bamboo dpns bend. This only makes a difference if I’m purling the last stitch.
  2. The 4×4 check is pretty and easy, but I find I have to keep track of the round. I know I have at least one that’s 4×3 and another that’s 4×5. At this point, I sort of chant the row as I knit.
  3. It’s much easier to fix dropped stitches with a crochet hook than a knitting needle. I pretty much thought that would be the case, but given the amount of stitches I’ve accidentally pushed off the needles, I’ve had plenty of chances to prove it. Also, they make it easy to correct things when I knit instead of purl or vice verse.
  4. My new favorite stitch markers? Are also good for holding one or two or three stitches when there is droppage. Made things much easier.
  5. Knitting while somewhat out of things because of exhaustion and dehydration? Not a good thing. I made a lot of mistakes yesterday afternoon after I got back from shopping. Including all the droppage.

Also, I really need both needle storage and a knitting bag with a zipper.

Pictures when I finish the socks.

And has anyone ever accidentally pulled out a dpnfull of stitches thinking it was the loose one?

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