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I have heel! Thank you, locking stitch markers.

It took me four tries but I’ve finally conquered the short row – the toe for the first try, the toe for the second try, which has a nice sized hole on one side, the first heel, which I had to rip back to, well, foot, and  the second heel, which I have now completed.

I’d post a photograph but the camera needs charging.  Hungry thing, that.

Each time I’d do this, I’d lose count.  It’s hard to tell the wrapped stitches from the unwrapped, even when I played with worsted weight yarn, and worse when it’s teeny, unless I get a color change just right, and color changes don’t happen as often with short rows.  I tried counting live stitches, and that failed.  I thought about the stitch counter but gave that up before starting.

So what worked?  Locking stitch markers.  One for each side.  Each time I turned the sock and wrapped a stitch, I stuck the stitch marker *between* the wrapped stitch and the live stitches.  Since I often knit (or purled) a stitch right after wrapping, it was easier to use a locking one and slide it over the needle in between.  It was also easy to remove it from the needle.  It was simple to keep count of the wrapped stitches since they were always on one side of the stitch marker, and I ended up with a very nice heel.

I worked two rounds in plain stockinette, and have now started on a 4×4 check pattern for the leg.  I figure it will be more interesting. Also, I’m about to take a long train ride, so I’ll take a chain to cast on for the second foot.

And, of course, the locking stitch markers.

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