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Sock progress

I made some.  Not enough to take a picture, since I’m actually not much past where I was yesterday, but still, some progress.

What I discovered was another way to rip.  I haven’t seen it anywhere else, but I’m assuming I reinvented the wheel anyway. 

Instead of inserting the needles into the loops , which seems to always result in dropped stitches and more rippage, I inserted them into the purls.  When it got too difficult to manipulate one needles, I used another, figuring I’d even out the stitches later.  Then I pulled on the yarn,and if I did everything right, I’d be left with an even row of stitches with no dropping.  And it worked – I did split yarn in a couple of places, and had to slip stitches back and forth on spare needles until I could get that top row free, and the stitches on the needles were every which way, and somewhere along the line, I seem to have increased from 64 to 67 stitches (actually, I know where), but it worked.  I had to decrease a bit to get 16st/needles, but that was easy, and a skill I needed, and I’d read Anna Zilboorg, so I knew what do to about the twisted stitches. 

Still have those short rows looming.

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