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Diet from Hell (because I don’t just knit)

I am not a vegan.  Nor am I a vegetarian – although I sometimes wonder.  Not that I want to be one, or that I eat a lot of meat-free meals, or anything.  I *like* meat, actually, and high protein meals seem to keep my blood sugar down, so so long as I keep the fat level down.   I’m not giving it up.

But everyone seems to think I’m a vegetarian.  Or assume I’m a vegetarian.  And they’ve done that for years, so it can’t be the scarves.So is this some sort of message?  If it is, I’m not listening.  My fingers are in my ears and I am humming.  So there.

This, however, doesn’t mean I want meat at every meal, or even every dinner.  That’s boring and heavy and, given that it has to be kosher, rather costly.  And a few years ago, my husband went on the diet from hell because we thought he had gout.  So I served nothing with purines – weekday dinners were either flounder or based on dairy products and eggs, because those were the source of proteins he was allowed.  He could also have sea bass.  He could not have beans or bean derivatives.  He could not have turkey or trout or salmon.  Red meat was right out.  I served things like home-fried potatoes and shredded cheese.

Shabbat dinner, for him, was a chicken thigh over rice.  White rice, not brown.  And that was his animal fleish for the week.  Shabbat lunch was a cold salad with cheese and nuts. 

I took to eating burgers out. 

We gained weight.  My cholesterol went up.  I was put on metfornim for the first time.  And it turned out he had bursitis, not gout, which was why the extreme diet didn’t work. 

And during that long, awful summer, I decided that if we ever could have a more or less normal diet again, I’d learn to cook vegetarian curries and tofu, because I missed them. 

I did take from that time two positives. One was the Shabbat lunch salads. These are lovely in the summer time – although I make them more often with chicken from the night before instead of cheese.  The other is that, if Jonathan was going to have one piece of chicken a week, it had to count.  So I began sliding pasts of herbs and spices and acids and oils under the skin, which created both a flavorful chicken and flavorful juices.  I still do that.

But I kept my promise to myself, and learned how to cook a tofu stirfry and vegetable curries, and we’re eating a lot more (brown basmati) rice.  I’

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