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Backwards progress

I thought I’d be posting a picture of a sock with a completed heel today.


I willconquer short rows. I will. Just, not last night. I had to rip them out completely.

So. Here is the sock as it stands.

Unheeled Socks

That was a job all by itself. I didn’t want to rip back the whole thing *again*, after all. So I went to the last row before the short rows (or hoped I did), opposite the needle holding the non-heel stitches (also a mistake. Next time, I’ll use waste yarn. The dpn just got in the way) and carefully inserted a dpn through all the stitches, trying to insure I got each tiny loop. That took several tries.

Then I ripped. And it was the wrong row, plus I’d chosen a dark one. I took out the other dpn, ripped down another row, and carefully and painstakingly inserted all the needles. And I mean all of them – rescuing the more than occasional dropped stitches meant inserting a spare needle into the next stitch over and using another to reknit. By the time I got to the last needle, I was using one of the metal ones to help out.

At this point, it was 1:28 AM, and that’s when I realized I could have waited until morning.

I think one of my problems with short rows is losing count. I’m not sure if I should use stitch markers, my stitch counter or just keep counting the live stitches.

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  1. June 29, 2006 at 10:30 am

    I’ve yet to even try socks so have no advice, just moral support.

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